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Carving with cantaloupe, pumpkin, and flower bouquet of turnips and golden beets

Carvings are Cantaloupe and pumpkin with  flowers carved of golden beets and turnips

Chef Dao Browning  is from Thailand. She has studied the Traditional art of fruit and vegetable carving for many years, applying her art in her own restaurant in Khaolak, Thailand. Chef Dao has a degree in Thai food carving from the Polythecnic College of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Chef Dao currently lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

White flowers carved of taro roots

Flower arrangement made with taro root carved flowers

Chef Dao can custom design her carvings for stand alone arrangements, or they can be incorporated into existing arrangements by caterers and planners. Her carvings  are excellent for weddings, special events, business events, and anything your creative imagination can ask for!

Red Beets and carrots


Chef Dao will be pleased to consult with you about your upcoming event. Please allow at least 3 weeks for planning and preparation.

Chef Dao

Daopradap Jaimoon Browning was born in a small town in Uttaradit, Thailand. Dao was the chef and owner of Daothong Restaurant in Khao Lak, Phangnga, Thailand. It was in her restaurant that she started learning the art of Thai fruit and vegetable carving. Dao later studied at the Polytechnic College  of Chiang Mai where she perfected her art.

Dao is the Thai word for star.

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